Key Crypto Pairs
We hope to provide many key cryptocurrency pairs to allow for exchange of many cryptocurrencies.


Voting Rights for New Coin Listings
Users possessing the AIS coin will have voting rights to select ICOs to be listed at the exchange.


Division of Profits
Profits from the exchange will be divided amongst the coin holders according to amount of coins held by the user.

The AIS Project

The AIS Project will establish a cryptocurrency exchange (AIS-X) in Mongolia. The AIS token will be used as a key cyrptocurrency pair at the exchange.

Aside from providing a native coin for the exchange, the AIS project will provide convenience and safety through investment into resource mining in Mongolia and securing business affiliation with a commercial bank. Furethermore, other than the bank, we will be providing a comprehensive financial service centered arouind the AIS-X by establising business affiliations with a full-licensed brokerage firm and a non-bank financial institution.

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Features of AIS-X

Other than the cyrptocurrency exchange, the AIS Project will invest in double mining (cryptocurrency mining and resource mining of gold, bronze, coal and rare metals in Mongolia) and provide division of profits to AIS coin holders. Also, the AIS Project will have a personal AI concierge based on the user’s human behavioral characteristics to help the user obtain the maximum profit in an ever growing complex market.

Cryptocurrency Mining

Taking advantage of the low cost of electricity in Mongolia, we will be investing in cryptocurrency mining. Division of profits from the mining investment will be provided to AIS coin holders.

Resource Mining

The AIS Project will also invest in resource mining and provide division of profit to AIS coin holders. The AIS Project is considering investing in Sharyn Gol JSC, one of the largest resource mining companies, stocks partly owned by NI Bank (Negotiating business affiliation with Sharyn Gol JSC).

Affiliation with Bank

The business affiliation with a commercial bank will allow us to coordinate between the user accounts on the exchange and at the bank, thus leading to convenience. Also, by utilizing the infrastructre of the bank, we will be able to provide better security. Furthermore, it will become possible for the bank to provide a debit card so that the user can withdraw fiat at ATMs around the world (MOU signed with NIBank).

Affiliation with Brokerage Firm

By having a business affiliation with a full-licensed brokerage firm, registered users at the AIS-X will be able to trade stocks, foreign currency, bonds as well. Also, the brokerage firm will be able to support IPOs to the Mongolian stock market (MOU signed with National Securities)

Affiliation with Non Bank Financial Institution

By having a business affiliation with a non bank financial institution, registered users at the AIS-X will be able to use new financial products such as cyrpto-collateral loans (MOU signed with EFS: Express Finance Service)

AI Concierge

The AI concierge matched with the user’s human behavioral characteristics will support the user on how to use the exchange to maximizing profits on investments done on the exchange.

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